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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

REVIEW: God Seed's 'I Begin'

I Begin
Indie Recordings
Release Date:
26th October
Black Metal

The trouble when an already established artist releases music from another source is the unavoidable comparison to the previous work. Ghaal’s and King Ov Hell’s new outfit GOD SEED obviously has traces of the standard set out by Gorgoroth. Even the production of the album seems in some way similar to the sound of 2006’s ‘Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam’, Ghaal’s screeching vocals and King’s relentless riffing will attract fans of this particular niche of black metal. But that is really where the similarity ends.
This album features a surprising amount of Hammond organ and analogue synthesizer style key-work, which sits weirdly comfortably within the crushing, relentless onslaught of music.
Album opener ‘Awake’ is a driving; high-octane, pummeling black metal assault which occasionally presents the listener with gems of melody and spotted points of interest, but the music starts to get really interesting about half way through the second song, ‘This from the past’. The atmosphere created in the latter part of the song seems to carry through the following compositions, until the middle point of the album, ‘Hinstu dagar’. This startling ballad-track stinks of Mike Patton influence, which may or may not be intentional, but it does certainly sound like if Faith No More donned corpse-paint and drank sheep’s’ blood for breakfast.
From here on the album seems to liven up again and utilizes the expected blast-beats, howls and riffing to show the listener that this band is certainly not straying too far from the laws of black metal. There are a few other stand out tracks such as ‘Lit’ which uses large amounts of electronics and even (relatively) clean singing, and the ambient album closer ‘bloodline’, which sounds more like Nine Inch Nails than Nattefrost. All in all this album is not for the faint-hearted, a lot of patience and hard work is demanded form the listener to get to the rich yolk, but it’s incredibly rewarding if you can endure the crusty shell membrane of black metal. Seriously, if you like avant-garde metal, give it a try, if you prefer your music handed to you on a plate, you may struggle.

'I Begin' is available now on Indie Recordings

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