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Friday, 28 December 2012



Greatest of Deceivers

Indie Recordings

Release Date:
20th November

Black Metal

‘Greatest of deceivers’ is the fourth full length offering from Norway’s Nidingr. Nidingr are the brain child of Morten Iversen (Stage Name: Teloch), producer & member of Mayhem, Gorgoroth, 1349 and many more.

Those expecting the usual frost-bitten atmospheric keys and raw production of the aforementioned artists may be disappointed. This album is relentless & precise blackened-death metal madness. The usual mechanical blast-basts, grinding guitars, and dark middle-eight passages signature of Norwegian black metal are there, but several elements within the environment stick out.  The technical bass work on this album is noticeable, seeing as bass is usually shunned out of the mix in most black metal releases, and the chainsaw-like guitar tone which would usually sit more comfortably in death metal gives the songs the bite of a snarling wolf.

The album is raw, unrelenting, and feels colder than hell frozen over. The lack of symphonic work on the album shows that synthesizers and orchestration are not necessary essentials needed to create a chilling sound.
The vocal work is quite monotonal when screaming, but the occasional desperate operatic roar or quiet unsettling whisper makes a welcome appearance every so often. Teloch’s roar sounds less like that of a banner-man waving on the hordes of some medieval army, but more like the cries of men witnessing the horrors of the vanguard.

The album’s single ‘Vim Patior’ begins with a few punk-driven riffs, before throwing the listener into dissonant tremolo-picked melodies which accompany blast-beats and distressed vocals. This song also features some of the more post-rock/metal vibes which pop-up from time to time during the LP.

‘The worm is crowned’ has a sound similar to Deathspell Omega’s work; hectic, blasphemous and raw, but beautifully arranged and meticulously executed.
On the other hand, the song ‘Pure pale gold’ shows of a selection of playing styles, it begins with a sludgy groove before building up in speed to a crescendo, and then falls back to a more grim 1st wave thrash sound.
This album is great, and musicians will enjoy it as a study, but its not one to try and enter the bleak realms of black metal on.


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Nidingr - ‘Greatest of deceivers’ is out now on Indie Recordings.

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