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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

REVIEW: Ethernal's 'Arkioas'

Self Released
Release Date:
Out Now
Black Metal / NWOBHM

Arkioas is Ethernal’s 2nd LP, and it sticks out of the doom-ridden London smog like an ancient oak. For an album of its quality, it was unusually overlooked by those other than the band’s generous fan-base when it was released.
Currently a 3 piece, it is obvious that the band have progressed to new heights of musicianship in their current form.
There has obviously been a lot of hard work put into the overall dynamics of the songs on this release, from blasts-beats to melodic middle-eights and transitions, Ethernal provide the listener with an album that is really… well… FUN to listen to!

The album opens with ‘The order of the black sun’, the title of a previous E.P. released by the band, the guitar work provides a majestic and regal feel, with the drums speeding away at high tempos while staying varied and interesting.
‘Ravens at dusk’, (a fan favorite), has a music video to accompany the song on the band’s Youtube account which offers an accurate visual representation of the atmosphere the music creates.
‘The Watchers’, is a welcome defined middle-point of the album which slows the tempo down, before gliding instrumental; ‘The Veil Lifts’.
‘In silent halls beyond’ is a somewhat uplifting tune which uses clean guitar as a primary instrument along with the usual galloping drums and growing vocals.
Title track ‘Arkioas’ is a 10 minute long epic which seems like a odd mix of 70’s progressive rock and black metal, but done very tastefully.  This album features some of the most intriguing guitar work I have had to pleasure to listen to in a while, if you like your music rich with melody and full of atmosphere, buy this LP now!

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