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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

REVIEW: Ikkadian's 'Of Alpha and Omega'

Of Alpha And Omega
Self- Released
Blackened death metal
Northern Virgina, USA

It would be foolish to deny that Ikkadian play a style of metal that has not been visited by many artists both new and old. But there are a few observations that make these American Blackened Death Metallers stand out from the crowded depths of obscurity.
The album opener ”Adversary” (music video is available on youtube), introduces the listener to a slow yet grinding riff with some particularly good drum work. As the track progresses in pace it provides the listener with snippets of what is to come in the rest of the album. The heavy use of chords and black metal harmonies in their riffing definitively sets them within the realm of such artists as Behemoth, Emperor and Opeth.
Songs such as ‘Lotus’ and ‘Sophia’ make sudden drops in dynamics to eerie sparse acoustic guitar which then pummels the listener with a blast-beating audio assault immediately afterwards.
The song “Archangel’’ has a definite Mastodon-esque feel which is enhanced by some beautiful, clean female vocals later on in the track, before the blast-beats and brutal riffing take the helm once again.
James Murphy of (Death/Obituary/Disincarnate) provides a guest solo on the epic track ‘Relentless March Towards Apocalypse’, which is a welcome stand out track towards the end of the album.
This band is definitely one to watch, as ‘Of alpha and Omega’ is brilliant debut and their stance on giving all their content away for free is also highly commendable.

‘Of Alpha and Omega’ is out now and available for free download at

‘Of Alpha and Omega’ is out now and available for free download at


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