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Saturday, 12 January 2013


So, another Swedish Death Metal band you might think, Aeon isn't quite that. Though Swedish, Aeon's style is more Technical Brutal, and reminds the listener of Cannibal Corpse.

Aeons Black is their fourth full-length album and listening to it makes me want to dig into their older stuff. Full of brutality, aggressiveness and intensity this band delivers with "Aeons Black" what an "Extreme Death Metal" fan would definitely enjoy listening to, still recommended for the curious listener too. They definitely got talent and a lot of hate to spread. Their lyrical themes are mainly anti-Christian, and one could be easily misguided into thinking it's a black metal band just by reading their lyrics.

Tommy Dahlström's (ex-Defaced Creation, ex-Imperial, ex-Unorthodox, ex-Diabolicum) low-pitched growls really have prescience throughout the whole album, blasting your ears in songs like "Still They Pray" and "Sacrificed". I'm even amazed by the clarity of the vocals, something not common in such a genre.

Three instrumental passages, which seem to give anything by themselves, will let your brains rest from aggressive anti-Christian brutality by giving you an obscure and peaceful atmosphere, and working perfectly well along with the other songs.

Arttu Malkki (now replaced by Emil Wiksten) does a decent job on drums. Nothing fantastic, nothing I haven't heard before, but it does what is needed.
On the other hand Zeb Nilsson's and Daniel Dlimi's guitars really give the band that killer sound with some great hellish thrashy riffs as the ones on "Nothing Left To Destroy".

Marcus Edvardsson does a pretty good job on bass too, though it might go unnoticed on a few tracks.

Overall this is an interesting and good album, something really pleasant to listen to.



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