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Tuesday, 8 January 2013


The thing I find about hardcore (and other forms of heavy music) these days is that it tends to lack integrity… these days I find many bands just follow the formula and after a while it sometimes becomes difficult to distinguish many bands of this ilk.

HANG THE BASTARD however, are one band who have a different approach.
The song structures are easy to identify, but they don’t always take you where you’d expect… there’s the classic hardcore riffs mixed up with some doom, plenty of thrash, and the occasional death metal section, incredible breakdowns, some awesome, yet subtle tempo changes. The guitar solo’s show incredible speed and precision, and if there wasn't as much energy as these guys deliver, you could be forgiven for thinking some of the riffs came right out of the seventies… but this is downright crushing anger and despite the rather polished production, the energy does not dissipate.

HANG THE BASTARD are a name I've heard mentioned several times over the last few years… it’s a shame I didn't listen to them sooner. While they’re not as extreme as much of the music that demands my attention these days, I have a burning desire to see them live – I’m sure they would suit the big stage very well, but I can only imagine the destruction that would be caused seeing them in a tiny, dirty pub someplace…

Personal standout tracks; Genesis, Earthmover, Hells Teeth


Listen to our interview with Hang the Bastard here:

Check out the video for 'Interplanetary Portals' here:


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