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Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Name: Scatter the ashes
Artist: Brutality Will Prevail
Label: Purgatory Records
Release date: 12th November

Scatter the Ashes is the third album from BWP, who formed back in 2006 in Wales. They have a very identifiable 'hardcore' sound, but with a darker and more doom-laden vibe. Ajay Jones' vocals are certainly not my personal preference in metal but fans of the hardcore genre should have no reason to find fault with them, as he is consistent in what he does. However it must be pointed out that in the last few days he has actually parted with the band, due to ''personal commitments and interests outside of BWP",

Whilst not my favourite genre, I can certainly attest to the fact that the whole of the band are certainly good at what they do, and they are arguably at their very strongest on this record. An excellent acoustic folk passage intro then gives way to an onslaught of hardcore which rarely relents during the following nine tracks. The second track in particular, Sins of Commitment, is fierce and merciless. Each song manages to shake things up quite a bit which keeps the album from stagnating.

Album highlight is perhaps '1348' which oddly brings Neurosis to mind with it's ferocious display of guts and power. Album closer 'Scatter the Ashes' is also a personal highlight as it adopts a more varied, melodic and personal approach than can be heard on the preceding nice tracks. Ajay's vocals are also delivered in a a slightly less rawcus and uncompromising fashion here, in fact for the most part they are essentially spoken.

All in all fans of hardcore should definitely already be well aware of these Welshman by now, and for those who aren't, this release looks set to elevate them to higher status. For those slightly skeptical about the hardcore approach, there may be something here for you as well, as this is a darker and more doomy sound to what you can usually expect to hear.

All in all a varied and interesting album and one that again proves they are worthy of their status.



''The Path'' official video: 

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