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Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Name:Embers and revelations
Artist: Weapon
Label: Relapse
Released: October 9th

Weapon front-man Vetis Monarch was born and raised in Bangladesh before moving to Canada, where the band is now based. They play a style of blackened/death metal heavily influenced by eastern scales, on first listen similarities are drawn to Behemoth or Nile.
Although the ferocity of European death metal is apparent in the music, the production of the album makes the music rather more raw and unforgiving than conventionally produced black/death. Traditional influences show up in the music, sometimes leaning heavily towards thrash or early black metal, these guys could show a number of Scandinavian bands a thing or two.

Album opener ‘The First Witness of Lucifer’ begins with a bleak and sparse riff, before slowly building to some fluid guitar-work, hinting at the main motif present in the song. A black/thrash assault begins and the song does not let up in ferocity. Track Two, ‘Vangaurd of the morning star’ picks up the pace, with a more traditional melodic death metal feel, the relentless blast-beats and cymbal work could possibly be given more attention in the mix, but those with a trained ear will be able to pick out these complexities.

There are riffs-a plenty in this album and track ‘Crepuscular Swamp’ holds some bangers. A lyric video is also available for this tune on YouTube, linked below if you want to check out this awesome band. All in all, a good standard blackened death metal release, but we cant wait to see what Weapon’s next offering will bring.


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