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Thursday, 17 January 2013


Name: The World Is Dead
Artist: Blockheads
Label: Relapse
Released: 22nd January

French grind-core act BLOCKHEADS return with a ferocious, political, and violent LP.
Songs are short in true grind-core fashion; with none of them clocking in at over 3 minutes, with the exception of the final track, an unusually placed slow tempo 7 min doom song.
BLOCKHEADS have supported NAPALM DEATH in the past (as well as ENTOMBED, CARCASS, OBITUARY, & more), and the NAPALM influence shines through. The sound leans toward death metal more than hardcore, with relentless blast-beating included, if the vocals were set at a lower pitch and the production more polished, this could pass off as American death metal at times.

Stand out tracks include ‘Awaken’ , ‘Deindividualized’ and title track ‘ The world is dead’. Some tracks take a more interesting turn and have a epic an majestic atmosphere mixed with an unrelenting hardcore assault, such as ‘Be a thorn to power’, blackened crust track, ‘To the dogs’, and ‘Pro-lifers’ (for which a video is available online below). Aforementioned album finisher; ‘Trail of dead’ is a crushing 7 minute epic, a great way to finish off the LP.
The production on the album is original, and certainly not mainstream, it has a great atmosphere, but some of the tracks could have been dropped without the album loosing its integrity, it could even have been split into two releases.


Lyric Video to 'Pro-Lifers' Available Here:


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